Alaska organic fertilizer for organic gardening

My WONDERFOOD® all natural and organic fertilizers for healthier organic gardening are not yet available in Alaska.

Buy my super mineral organic fertilizer online today!

Whether you are growing herbs, vegetables or tomatoes, or flowers and ornamentals, you'll grow everything bigger, better, and MUCH healthier in Alaska when you fertilize with Peggy Green.

Help us spread the word. Ask your Alaska, organic, Earth friendly store or garden center to carry Peggy Green's all natural and organic fertilizer products. The WONDERFOOD® for all your Alaska organic gardening needs.

Bring Peggy Green to your favorite store!

Simply CLICK HERE AND DOWNLOAD THE PEGGY GREEN CONTACT INFO. You can then print it out, and give it to your favorite Alaska store manager. Don't forget to mention your name, we'll send you a special gift!*

You can still buy online. CLICK HERE.

Thanks for your support, and helping us to grow a beautiful world.


Essential elements for greater plant growth
Organic garden fertilizer for organic gardening