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Organic orchid food keeps orchids healthy

Organic orchid food keeps orchids healthy

Organic orchid food for beautiful, healthy orchids

Peggy Green’s organic orchid food uses natural and organic minerals. It is a powerful but gentle combination of the nutrients orchids need. As a result, orchid plants grow super healthy. And, because they grow healthy, they will have more color, vibrancy and spikes. This organic orchid food is like vitamins for orchid plants. Orchid Minerals has 16 pre-measured packets. And, each packet will last up to 3 months. In short, this organic orchid food is the easiest way to feed your orchids. You’ll never have to worry about how to feed your orchid plants again! And, because Orchid Minerals uses Peggy Green’s special non burning minerals, it’s effective but gentle on your delicate orchid plant. You’ll grow more beautiful, colorful, healthier orchids with Peggy Green’s organic orchid food.

Powerful, gentle, and non-burning organic orchid food

Most competing orchid food products use sulfates. Sulfates are heavy salts. And for this reason, they can burn your plant. Especially if they are in pots or containers. Peggy Green’s Orchid Minerals are non burning, so that you’ll never have to worry about over fertilizing or plant burn again. And, because Orchid Minerals is powerful but gentle, it stimulates nutrients and enzymes. And, it promotes good health.

About Peggy Green and plant health

Why minerals? They are the spark plugs of the soil. Hence, they jump start the other nutrients. This makes them available to the plant. As a result, orchid plants grow healthier so that they have more color, vibrancy and spikes. Vegetables and Tomatoes are tastier. They have more nutrition. And, minerals super charge your garden. Therefore, avoid products without minerals. Thus, it could have long term effects on your soil and plant’s health. Peggy Green is all about plant health and soil health. Our organic plant food products are the finest available. We never use fillers, synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Our products are safe for children and pets. And, Orchid Minerals is no exception.

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Peggy Green organic orchid food for healthy orchids