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A great lawn fertilizer that's also a great palm food and shrub food.

Peggy Green’s organic Grass Minerals lawn care fertilizer and palm food, for ALL types of lawns, palms and shrubs, is one of the finest blends of organic essential elements available. Containing 12% Potash, a specially buffered Sulfur, and our PATENTED organically complexed minerals, Grass Minerals fertilizer and palm food will ensure that your lawn, palms and shrubs receive the MAXIMUM NUTRIENT UPTAKE they need for HEALTHY, DISEASE FREE growth.

For ALL lawn types, palms and shrubs.
Nitrate free, Nitrogen free. Phosphorus free.

How to use:

Peggy Green's Grass Minerals is a dry granular, slow release formula that will continuously feed up to 3 to 4 months. ONE 20 LB BAG COVERS UP TO 4000 SQ. FT., and can be applied with a garden spreader, hand spreader, or simply by hand. For lawns and shrubs, apply 5 LBS per 1000 sq. ft. For palms, use 1/2 cup per inch of caliper.

CLICK HERE to download a spreader chart for lawns.

No synthetic chemicals. No pesticides. No runoff.

Peggy Green's organic Grass Minerals is an ORGANICALLY COMPLEXED PROPRIETARY BLEND OF PATENTED INGREDIENTS, and a SPECIALLY BUFFERED SULFER, and includes 12 % Potash, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, all in a NON-STAINING, NON-BURNING, patented granular, slow release, earth friendly formula that is especially formulated for ALL lawn types, palms and shrubs. Grass Minerals contains no toxic heavy metals, no nitrates, and is a safe fertilizer—safe for children and pets.*

Peggy Green Grass Minerals Lawn Care.
The WONDERFOOD for lawns, palms and shrubs.
Good for plants. Good for the earth. Good for you.

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Phosphorus free and nitrate free lawn care products Safe fertilizers for children and pets. Grow healthier.
Lawn fertilizer. Nitrate free and Phosphorus free.
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