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Peggy Green is the perfect marijuana fertilizer

All the nutrients you need in two great marijuana fertilizer products from Peggy Green. Grow bigger, better and healthier marijuana plants faster with Flower Minerals and Organic Wonderfood®. Use Flower Minerals plant food for growing marijuana indoors or out. Flower Minerals unique, non burning formula, is also perfect for small containers. So, as a result, you’ll never have to worry about plant burn. If you have large pots, or are strictly growing outdoors, use Wonderfood® organic all purpose. Both fertilizer products contain the necessary minerals for highly productive growth. You’ll see an increase in leaf size, more leaves, more buds and beautiful marijuana plants. Peggy Green will also help fight disease, mold, fungus and insects. Flower Minerals and Organic Wonderfood® are the perfect choice for medical and recreational marijuana growing.

The importance of minerals in a marijuana fertilizer

Minerals are essential to a plant’s health, and stimulate the various functions of major nutrients and enzymes. Flower Minerals and Wonderfood® all natural and organic formulations are like giving your marijuana plants the vitamins they need to “jump start” these functions, and ensure optimum growth and health throughout the year.

Why Peggy Green is the better marijuana fertilizer

Most typical fertilizers on the market are strictly N-P-K based (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash). Typical marijuana fertilizers may not contain minerals, or have insufficient amounts to be beneficial to the plant. And, while a typical marijuana fertilizer may contribute to your plant’s growth, without the type of minerals found in Peggy Green, it will do little for your plant’s health. Peggy Green’s special, patented sucrate minerals are essential for better marijuana growth.

Plants need minerals. We need minerals.

Minerals are the “spark plugs” of the soil which “jump start” the other nutrients and make them available to the plant. Cutting back on a marijuana plant food or organic fertilizer that doesn’t have these necessary essential elements, can end up having long term effects on the soil and your marijuana plant’s health. At Peggy Green, we are all about plant health and soil health. You will find all of our natural and organic mineral formulations to be the finest available. We never use fillers, synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Our marijuana fertilizer products are the perfect solution for medical and recreational marijuanas growers.

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Peggy Green marijuana fertilizer and organic plant food for growing marijuana


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