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Wonderfood® organic mineral plant food. Healthier soils. Healthier gardens.

All purpose Wonderfood® is an outdoor plant food. It can be used on all types of flowers and vegetables. It is an organic mineral plant food, and therefore promotes healthier soils and healthier plants. The over use of synthetic chemical plant food has depleted our soils of these minerals. Food has lost its nutrition. That is why it is important to put these minerals back in the soil so that everything grows better. And, we regain the nutritional value of our foods. This organic mineral plant food is perfect for flowers and ornamentals as well. When used on flowers, the results are more blooms and more growth. They just look healthier. Wonderfood® organic mineral plant food is like giving vitamins to your plants.

Here’s why an organic mineral plant food is important

According to Medicine Today, depletion of minerals is accelerating. Research shows that the iron in spinach has dropped by 60 per cent. Broccoli has lost 75 per cent of its calcium, and carrots have lost 75 per cent of their magnesium. As a result, not only has food lost its nutritional value, but it has lost its taste! Peggy Green’s organic mineral plant food puts the minerals back in the soil so that your plants get the nutrients they need. As a result, everything grows better. Everything grows healthier. Therefore, the food you grow will have higher nutrition. In short, you will have a better organic garden.

About Peggy Green, minerals and plant health

In truth, when you use Wonderfood® all purpose plant food, it will jump start the other nutrients. This makes them available to the plant. As a result, plants grow healthier. Vegetables and Tomatoes are tastier. Flowers are more colorful and plentiful. And, it will super charge your garden. Therefore, avoid products without minerals. Thus, it could have long term effects on your soil and plant’s health. Peggy Green is all about plant health and soil health. Our organic plant food products are the finest available. We never use fillers, synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Our products are safe for children and pets. And, Wonderfood® all purpose is no exception.

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