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Organic Fertilizers vs Synthetic Fertilizers

There are two main differences between organic fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers. Organic fertilizers feed the soil. The soil feeds the plants. In turn, the plants feed us. Synthetic chemical fertilizers ignore the soil. It goes directly to the plants. This leaves the soil lacking in necessary minerals. This leads to soil depletion.

We need minerals for good health.

After World War II, organic farming stopped. This was the beginning of synthetic chemical fertilizers. These fertilizers only had Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash. They were developed to speed up plant growth. They did nothing for plant health. And, they were used before the mineral requirements of plants and humans were recognized. We need minerals for good health, and so do plants. Organic fertilizers will put these minerals back in the soil.  And, they will prevent soil depletion and nutrient deficiency.

Peggy Green organic fertilizers produce mineral rich soils

Peggy Green’s organic fertilizers and plant food products produce a healthy, mineral rich soil. They stimulate microbial action. They aid in the breakdown of natural organic material. This improves soil quality. It improves overall plant health. And, as a result, everything will grow better. The food you grow will have higher nutrition. And, you will get the minerals you need in the food you eat.

Easy to use. No mixing, mess, or fuss.

All of Peggy Green’s organic fertilizers are fast, clean, and easy to use. They are super organic mineral formulations. Simply sprinkle the dry granules onto the soil. Then water in. No mixing, mess, or fuss. Each formula is designed to give you fast nutrient uptake. They produce a healthy, mineral rich soil. It aids in the breakdown of natural organic material. This improves soil quality. They are the Wonderfood® for everything you grow!

About Peggy Green and plant health

At Peggy Green, we are all about plant health and soil health. Our natural and organic fertilizers and plant food products are the finest available. We never use fillers, synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Our products are safe for children and pets.

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Peggy Green organic fertilizers and organic plant food for gardens

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