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Peggy Green organic garden fertilizer for healthier, better organic gardens

Maximize your gardens nutritional value. Get healthier soils with organic garden fertilizer from Peggy Green. Our complete line of mineral rich organic garden fertilizer products are especially formulated for organic gardening. They are the Wonderfood® for plants.

Peggy Green has organic garden fertilizer products to fit any need.

  • Vegetable gardens
  • Tomato gardens
  • Herb gardens
  • Flower Gardens
  • Orchids
  • Palm Trees and Shrubs
  • Lawn fertilizer

You will find, these safe, children and pet friendly, natural and organic garden fertilizer products simply grow everything healthier.

Mineral rich organic garden fertilizer for better organic gardening

With Peggy Green, you can fertilize your garden for a mineral rich, highly nutritious food source. You can grow healthy, disease free flowers and ornamentals. And, it all starts with improving your soil. Peggy Green’s organic garden fertilizer products stimulate nutrients and enzymes They increase microbial action (the good bacteria that lives in the soil). And they promote good health. And, with Peggy Green’s patented sucrate minerals, they are completely non burning. So, you can use them in pots and containers, indoor or out. All our products are designed to feed the soil, which in turn, feeds the plants. This creates a very healthy sustainable garden ecosystem. As a result,  everything grows better. It is like giving a SUPER-MULTI-VITAMIN to everything you grow.

No synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Safe for children and pets.

You love your lawn. You love your garden. But you love your children and pets more. That is why Peggy Green offers the finest, safe, all natural and organic plant food and fertilizers available. No synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, or polymer coatings. You can trust that the flowers or food you grow will be grown the way that nature intended it. And the lawn you walk, sit or play on is safe for children and pets.

To learn more about the impact of synthetic chemical fertilizers, and what Nitrogen, Phosphorus and cancer causing nitrates have done to our drinking water and soils, click here. Remember, it’s YOUR health. YOUR environment. YOU decide.

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Peggy Green organic garden fertilizer for organic gardening

All your organic mineral plant food and fertilizer needs