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Organic mineral plant food puts missing minerals back in the soil

Peggy Green’s organic mineral plant food products put the missing minerals back in the soil. They promote greater soil health and give your plants the nutrients they need. With Peggy Green organic plant food, everything will grow bigger, better and healthier. Peggy Green is the Wonderfood® for plants.

Organic mineral plant food that is like a super multi-vitamin

Plant health, soil health and your health are affected by the minerals we add to the soil. These are the necessary nutrients that plants need. Peggy Green understands the importance of getting these nutrients into the soil with its organic mineral plant food products. They act like vitamins for the plant. They provide us with healthy, nutritious foods and healthier disease free flowers and ornamentals. Everything grows bigger. Everything grows better. Whether you are growing indoor or outdoor, in pots, gardens or raised beds, Peggy Green’s organic plant food will provide your plants with the right amount of minerals they need for healthy growth.

No synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or runoff. Safe for children and pets.

You love your lawn. You love your garden. But you love your children and pets more. Peggy Green offers the finest, safe, all natural and organic mineral plant food products available. No synthetic chemicals, heavy metals. or polymer coatings. No synthetic anythings. You can trust that the flowers or food you grow will be grown the way that nature intended it. And the lawn you walk, sit or play on is safe for children and pets.

Organic mineral plant food that is easy to use

Peggy Green’s organic mineral plant food products are easy to use. Sprinkle dry granules onto the soil, and water in. No mixing, mess, or fuss. Each formula is designed to give you fast nutrient uptake, and produce a healthy, mineral rich soil. They stimulates microbial action, and aid in the breakdown of natural organic material. This results in greatly improved soil quality.

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Peggy Green organic mineral plant food and organic plant food products

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