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Organic minerals for better plant growth and health.

With the World’s population at seven (7) billion people, the Earth’s organic minerals and resources are quickly becoming depleted. There is over industrialization of farms. New farming techniques. And, the use of synthetic Nitrogen and Phosphorus fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers only feed the plant. They ignore the soil. And, as a result, this has led to the soil depletion. The loss of essential organic minerals. This causes nutrient deficiency. It harshly impacts our ecosystem.

Plants need organic minerals. We need organic minerals.

At Peggy Green, we believe in being good stewards of the earth. Our products put those natural and organic minerals back in the soil. This is where they can do the most good. They feed the plants, and in turn, feed us. Peggy Green’s Wonderfood® organic plant food and fertilizer products produce a healthy, mineral rich soil. This stimulates microbial action (those tiny, living microbes of good bacteria that live in the soil). It aids in the breakdown of natural organic material. It improves soil quality. And, as a result, your organic gardening will grow better, faster, and much healthier.

No synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or runoff.

You love your lawn. You love your garden. But you love your children and pets more. That is why Peggy Green offers the finest, safe, all natural and organic mineral plant food and fertilizers available. No synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, or polymer coatings. You can trust that the flowers or food you grow will be grown the way that nature intended it. And the lawn you walk, sit or play on is safe for children and pets.

Enjoy your visit. Take a look around. There’s lots of useful information for living and gardening. Have a very healthy, organic, sustainable lifestyle!

Thank you from everyone at Peggy Green!