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Organic tomato plant food from Peggy Green. Grow better tasting, highly nutritious tomatoes.

Here’s an organic tomato plant food for your organic garden that’s a powerful concentration of essential elements. It’s a super mineral supplement. It stimulates nutrients, enzymes, promotes good health, and will not burn. And, because Garden Minerals uses our PATENTED, NON BURNING sucrate minerals, it makes this tomato plant food perfect for pots and containers. Tomato plants thrive on Peggy Green’s  Garden Minerals organic tomato plant food. Use as part of a regular maintenance program in your garden. Grow bigger, healthier, tastier, more nutritious tomatoes with Garden Minerals. It’s like giving vitamins to your plants!

Never any fillers, synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

Garden Minerals organic tomato plant food naturally helps fight disease, mold, fungus and insects. AND, because there are no synthetic chemicals or pesticides, it is completely safe for children and pets. You get peace of mind with a product that doesn’t put any harmful things in the soil. Good for plants, Good for the earth. Good for you.

Your food is only as good as the soil it is in.

Minerals are the “spark plugs” of the soil which “jump start” the other nutrients and make them available to the plant. Cutting back on an organic tomato plant food that doesn’t have these necessary essential minerals, or using a synthetic Nitrogen and Phosphorus fertilizer, can end up having long term effects on the soil and your plant’s health. All of Peggy Green’s PATENTED organic mineral formulations help to replenish the soil, produce higher yields of higher quality, greater plant growth, healthier herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals, and provide YOU with the minerals you need to stay healthy.

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Peggy Green organic tomato plant food for all your organic garden needs

All your organic mineral plant food and fertilizer needs