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Flower Minerals organic plant fertilizer. For indoor outdoor use.

This natural and organic plant fertilizer is the perfect houseplant food. It can be used both indoor and out, and in pots and containers. It can also be used in the garden. Flower Minerals organic plant fertilizer is a mineral plant food. And, because it’s a mineral plant food, it’s like giving vitamins to your plants. This natural and organic plant fertilizer has a powerful but gentle concentration of minerals, and as a result, it stimulates nutrients and enzymes. It’s a super mineral supplement. Above all, Flower Minerals promotes soil and plant health. You’ll see more blooms and more growth, and finally, much greater flowering. Use Flowers Minerals on all types of flowers and ornamentals

This plant fertilizer is perfect for pots and containers.

Most plant fertilizer products use sulfates. Sulfates are heavy salts. Therefore, they can burn your plant. Peggy Green uses special non burning minerals. As a result, you never have to worry about over fertilizing or plant burn again. Since plant burn isn’t a worry, this plant fertilizer is perfect for pots and containers. You can even use it in small containers. And, since this plant fertilizer promotes good health, it naturally fights disease, mold, fungus and insects. Above all, it is natural and organic, so it is good for plants, the earth and you.

About Peggy Green, minerals and plant health

Why minerals? They are the spark plugs of the soil. Hence, they jump start the other nutrients. This makes them available to the plant. As a result, flowers grow healthier. They are more beautiful. Vegetables and Tomatoes are tastier. They have more nutrition. And, they super charge your garden. Therefore, avoid products without minerals. Thus, it could have long term effects on your soil and plant’s health. Peggy Green is all about plant health and soil health. Our organic plant food products are the finest available. We never use fillers, synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Our products are safe for children and pets. And, Flower Minerals is no exception.

How to Use Flower Minerals plant fertilizer

Use as little as 1 teaspoon per gallon pot size

In the ground, use 2 to 3 teaspoons per sq. ft.

Full instructions on packaging

Feeds up to 150 sq. ft. / NET WT. 1.25 LBS (567 g)


Peggy Green’s Flower Minerals plant fertilizer is a proprietary blend of Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Copper, Iron, Magnesium and Zinc. Unlike sulfate products (which are heavy salts), Peggy Green’s Flower Minerals are derived from patented sucrate minerals, and will not burn. For superior plant health and plant growth, check out Peggy Green’s other premium products like Palm & Shrub Food, Garden Minerals, Grass Minerals, Orchid Minerals, and Wonderfood® Organic All Purpose Plant Food.

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