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organic lawn fertilizer

Organic lawn fertilizer for a thick green lawn

Peggy Green’s organic lawn fertilizer will build a thick, lush green lawn. It is Nitrogen Free and Phosphorus Free. There are no synthetic chemicals or pesticides. And, there is no runoff. So, it can be used around rivers, streams and swimming pools. It has Potash for strong root growth, and Iron for maximum greening power. Its organically complexed minerals will ensure that your lawn receives the nutrient uptake it needs for healthy growth. Grow a beautiful lawn with Peggy Green organic lawn fertilizer.

This premium lawn fertilizer has the following traits:

About Peggy Green and plant health

Peggy Green is all about plant health and soil health. Our organic plant food products are the finest available. We never use fillers, synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Our products are safe for children and pets. And, our organic lawn fertilizer is no exception.

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