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organic orchid food

Organic orchid food for beautiful, healthy orchids

Peggy Green’s organic orchid food is a natural and organic mineral plant food. It’s like vitamins for orchid plants. The 16 pre-measured packets provide a gentle but powerful concentration of minerals. There is also a special organic nitrogen. This special organic orchid food uses Peggy Green’s non burning minerals. They stimulate nutrients, enzymes, promote good health, and will not burn you’re delicate plant. Use as part of a regular maintenance program. You’ll row more beautiful, colorful, healthier orchids with Peggy Green’s organic orchid food.

Easy to use. Fast acting.

Peggy Green’s organic orchid food is easy to use. Simply use one packet per plant. Place either on top of bark or moss, or under the first layer of bark or moss. Then, water in. It is that easy! Depending on how often you water, each individual pack can last up to 3 months. Now all you need to do is sit back and admire your beautiful orchid plants!

About Peggy Green and plant health.

Peggy Green is all about plant health and soil health. Our organic plant food products are the finest available. We never use fillers, synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Our products are safe for children and pets. And, our orchid plant food is no exception.

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