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Wonderfood® all purpose organic plant food is super mineral rich. Achieve healthier soils and gardens with Peggy Green.

This mineral rich all purpose organic plant food increases the natural microbial action within the soil. It promotes greater soil health and plant health. It provides the plant with more efficient and higher nutrient uptake. Wonderfood® all purpose organic plant food has a high content of Potash and a specially buffered Sulfur. Plants get strong root growth. And, with Peggy Green’s proprietary minerals, everything grows bigger, better and healthier.

Use any time of the year. Use all around the yard.

Wonderfood® all purpose organic plant food can be used on all types of outdoor plants. Use it on flowers, ornamentals, vegetables and fruits. With all purpose organic Wonderfood®, you’ll see improved soil quality. Greater plant vigor. Plants will have an increase in hardiness. They will have disease resistance. And, they will have superior root growth and healthier fruit quality. Wonderfood® all purpose organic plant food is perfect for any garden. Use any time of the year. Use all around your yard to keep established plants looking their best!

Easy to use. Amazing, healthy results.

With just one easy application, Wonderfood® all purpose organic plant food will feed up to a full 3 months. Wonderfood® plant food is recommended for outdoor use only, or very large outdoor containers. For small pots (indoor or out) and up to 5 gallons, refer to our Garden or Flower Minerals products. Wonderfood® plant food works exceptionally well with Garden Minerals and Flower Minerals. Use them together in a regular maintenance program. You will super charge everything you grow.

Plants need minerals. We need minerals.

Minerals are the “spark plugs” of the soil which “jump start” the other nutrients. This makes them available to the plant. Cutting back on a plant food that doesn’t have these minerals, or using a synthetic Nitrogen and Phosphorus fertilizer, can end up having long term effects on the soil and your plant’s health. Peggy Green’s organic plant food and fertilizers help to replenish the soil. They produce higher yields of higher quality. Greater plant growth and health. And more nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Peggy Green’s organic Wonderfood® products contain no synthetic chemicals, pesticides, or runoff. They are completely safe for children and pets. Good for plants, the earth, and you.

How to Use Wonderfood® all purpose organic plant food

Simply sprinkle dry granules onto soil. Thoroughly water in after application. For gardens, use 2 to 3 teaspoons per sq. ft. For large containers, 4 gallons and up, use 2 teaspoons per gallon pot size. Not suitable for small containers or indoor plants. Feeds up to 300 sq. ft. / NET WT. 2 LBS


Peggy Green’s Wonderfood® all purpose organic plant food and fertilizer is a proprietary blend of Soluble Potash, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Copper, Iron, Manganese and Zinc—all in a granular, slow release, earth friendly formula.

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Weight 2.0 lbs


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