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Fertilizing During the Summer Fertilizer Ban

Every year, all across the state of Florida, as well as other states, there is the summer fertilizer ban. This does not necessarily prevent you from fertilizing your lawn. It does, however, prevent the use of Nitrogen and Phosphorus. These are two harsh chemicals that have been polluting the waterways and our ground water. Now, there is a better way to fertilize during the summer fertilizer ban, and all year long. This will result in a healthier lawn and environment. First, use a fertilizer that prevents runoff. Second, use a Nitrogen FREE and Phosphorus FREE organic fertilizer like Peggy Green’s Grass Minerals. This organic lawn fertilizer contains no harsh chemicals, has no runoff, and is safe for children and pets. Here’s what Peggy Green’s Grass Minerals can do for you during the summer fertilizer ban.

Grass Minerals organic lawn fertilizer is formulated for all lawn types. It has maximum greening power with Iron and Magnesium. So, it builds a thick, green, healthy lawn—naturally. AND, it promotes a very healthy root system and resists disease. There are no cancer causing nitrates. There are no synthetic chemicals or pesticides. So, it is completely safe for children and pets. Grass Minerals is the perfect fertilizer for use during the summer fertilizer ban and all year long.

Plants need minerals. We need minerals.

Minerals are the “spark plugs” of the soil which “jump start” the other nutrients and make them available to the plant. Cutting back on an organic plant food or organic lawn fertilizer that doesn’t have these necessary essential elements, can end up having long term effects on the soil and your lawn’s health. At Peggy Green, we are all about plant health and soil health. You will find all of our natural and organic mineral formulations to be the finest available. We never use fillers, synthetic chemicals or pesticides. And, our Grass Minerals organic lawn fertilizer is no exception.

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Peggy Green Grass Minerals for the summer fertilizer ban


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