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Minerals are the vitamins for plants

Vitamins for plants are also known as essential minerals. They are necessary for healthy soil and healthy plant growth. Just like we need vitamins, plants need vitamins too. However, plant vitamins are different from the vitamins we take. They are called micronutrients.

We understand the need for minerals.

Peggy Green has a full line of organic plant food products. Our fertilizers contain these minerals in the right amounts for each plant. They act like vitamins for plants. They are the Wonderfood® for everything you grow.

Minerals are important for plant health and soil health.

At Peggy Green, we are all about plant health and soil health. You will find our natural and organic plant food products to be the finest available. We never use fillers, synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Our products are safe for children and pets. And, our organic plant food will give your plants the vitamins they need for healthy growth throughout the year.

Non burning sucrate minerals.

Peggy Green only uses organic sucrate minerals. Competing products use sulfates (heavy salts). These can burn the plant. Our minerals are non burning. This makes Peggy Green perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and in pots or gardens. They are the perfect vitamins for plants.

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Peggy Green organic mineral vitamins for plants for organic gardening


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